Quboid Studio offers a powerful feature called "Custom Bounties," which allows community owners to create and launch customized bounty programs tailored to their specific needs and objectives.


  • Custom Tasks:

    • Define specific tasks or actions for community members.

    • Examples: content creation, event participation, survey completion.

  • Submission Requirements:

    • Set guidelines for task submission.

    • Specify formats, platforms, and other submission details.

  • Reward Configuration:

    • Configure rewards for completed tasks.

    • Options: cryptocurrency tokens, NFTs, exclusive access, etc.

  • On-Chain Token Distribution:

    • Use blockchain for transparent reward distribution.

    • Secure and auditable record of rewards.

  • Bounty Management:

    • Edit or close active bounties as needed.

    • Adjust based on feedback or changing requirements.


  • Define Task Details: Provide a detailed description of the task or action you want community members to complete, including any specific requirements or guidelines.

  • Set Submission Guidelines: Clearly outline the submission process, specifying the formats, platforms, or any other instructions for submitting completed tasks.

  • Configure Rewards: Determine the rewards you want to offer for successful task completion, such as cryptocurrency tokens, NFTs, or exclusive access privileges.

  • Specify Audience: Choose whether to open the Custom Bounty to the public or limit it to specific community members.

  • Publish and Promote: Once you've configured the Custom Bounty, publish it and promote it through your communication channels to attract participants.

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