Quboid Studio introduces a powerful feature called "Twitter Bounties" that allows you to create and launch bounties on Twitter, increasing engagement on your Tweets and boosting your follower count. Bounties are an effective way to build engagement on social media by incentivizing actions such as likes, replies, and retweets.


  • Crypto Rewards: Provide cryptocurrency tokens as incentives for completing bounty actions.

  • On Chain Token distribution for Social Media Engagement : Transparently reward and incentivize user engagement across social platforms through blockchain-based token distribution. We support ERC20 tokens across multiple blockchains.

  • Seamless Integration: All bounty actions can be performed directly from Skywallet without the need to open Twitter.

  • Bounty Management: Edit or Delete active bounties as needed.

Supported Actions

The range of tasks that can be tracked and incentivized via 'Twitter Bounties' includes:

  • Like: Reward users for liking your specified Tweet.

  • Retweet: Incentivize users for retweeting your Tweet.

  • Reply: Encourage users to reply to your Tweet by offering rewards.

  • Quote Reply: Reward users for quoting your Tweet in their reply.

  • Follow (v2): Incentivize users to follow your Twitter account.

  • Reply with Hashtag (v2): Reward users for replying to your Tweet with a specific hashtag.


  • Set Bounty Details: Provide a bounty name, enter the link to the Tweet you want to promote, and set the bounty expiration date.

  • Define Rewards: Set rewards for the respective actions (like, retweet, reply, quote reply, follow, reply with hashtag).

  • Publish and Share: Once you've configured the bounty, publish it and share it with your community or the desired audience.

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