Membership Collection

The Membership collection enables you to develop comprehensive, multi-tier NFT pass campaigns that cater to different levels of engagement and investment from your community.


Multi-Tier Structure

  • Diverse Levels: Create multiple tiers, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each representing a different level of membership.

  • Unique NFT Designs: Design distinct NFTs for each tier to visually differentiate them and enhance their appeal.

Custom Quantities and Pricing

  • Controlled Supply: Assign specific quantities to each tier to create scarcity and value.

  • Tiered Pricing: Set different prices for each tier based on the exclusivity and benefits offered.

Incentivizing Upgrades

  • Reward Loyalty: Provide incentives for existing members to upgrade to higher tiers.

  • Exclusive Experiences: Design experiences and privileges that are only accessible to higher-tier members, such as limited-edition merchandise or exclusive access to creator meet-and-greets.


  • Go to the Collections Tab, click on Create , Membership Collection.

  • Set the Image, collection copy, and sale interval, click on Save.

  • Set the Membership copy, image, price, and quantity, click on Publish.

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