Secret Text Utility

With the Secret Text Utility, you can embed hidden or encrypted text within your NFTs, creating a unique and engaging experience for your holders. This feature is perfect for sharing secret messages, exclusive codes, or confidential information that can only be revealed upon utility redemption, adding an intriguing layer of mystery and exclusivity to your NFT offerings.


  • Exclusive Content: Provide VIP event invitations, special discounts, and early access to new releases.

  • Interactive Experience: Hidden text with secret clues or puzzles leading to additional rewards.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Foster deeper connections and anticipation by uncovering hidden messages.

  • Unique Experiences: NFTs become gateways to exclusive benefits and privileges.

  • Increased Value: Makes NFTs more desirable and valuable.

  • Secure Access: Encryption ensures hidden information is secure and accessible only to rightful owners.

  • Trust and Integrity: Holders are confident in the authenticity and protection of exclusive content.


  • Go to Utilities tab and "Create" , to the Secret Text Utility

  • Add the Secret Text, expiry and ticket copy

  • Publish the utility or link it to a collection.

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