Ticket Collection

The Ticket collection template within Quboid Studio is designed to simplify the creation and management of NFT-based event tickets. This feature provides a streamlined and efficient way to launch multi-tiered ticket collections, offering a range of utilities and benefits to enhance the event experience for your audience. Here’s an expanded look at the functionalities and advantages of using the Ticket collection template:


Key Features and Benefits

  • Multi-Tiered Structure

    • Diverse Ticket Levels: Create multiple ticket tiers such as General Admission, VIP, and Backstage Passes, each offering different levels of access and benefits.

    • Distinct Designs: Each tier can have its unique NFT design, making it easy for attendees to recognize the level of access and privileges their ticket provides.

  • Ticketing Utilities

    • Access Control: Each NFT ticket can be programmed to grant specific access rights. For example, a General Admission ticket might allow entry to the main event area, while a VIP ticket could include access to exclusive lounges and meet-and-greet sessions.

    • Digital Collectibles: Event tickets as NFTs serve as digital memorabilia that attendees can keep or trade, enhancing the overall value of the ticket.

  • Instant Data Upload and NFT Generation

    • Seamless Creation: Instantly upload event details, images, and metadata to generate NFT tickets. This ensures a quick and efficient ticket creation process.

    • Real-Time Updates: Make instant updates to ticket information, ensuring that all attendees have the latest details about the event.


  • Go to the Collections Tab, click on Create , Ticket Collection.

  • Set the Image, collection copy, and sale interval, click on Save.

  • Set the Ticket copy, image, price, and quantity, click on Publish.

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