Ticket Utility

The Ticketing Utility allows you to integrate your NFTs with event ticketing capabilities, bringing a new level of innovation and exclusivity to your events. By leveraging this utility, you can offer exclusive access to events, conferences, concerts, or any other ticketed experiences specifically to your NFT holders. This feature not only streamlines the process of distributing and managing event tickets but also ensures a seamless and secure experience for both organizers and attendees.


  • Effortless Verification: Verify NFT ownership to grant ticket access, reducing counterfeit risks.

  • Enhanced Security: Blockchain technology ensures ticket authenticity.

  • Personalized Experience: Offer tiered access based on NFT types or levels for varying privileges.

  • Exclusive Benefits: Higher-tier NFT holders receive VIP access, early entry, or special seating.

  • Efficient Management: Simplify attendee data management and communication.

  • Targeted Communication: Track attendance and tailor updates and announcements to specific ticket holder groups.


  • Go to Utilities tab and "Create" , to the Ticket Utility

  • Add the Validator's address, expiry and ticket copy

  • Publish the utility or link it to a collection.

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