The Token Module in Quboid Studio serves as a comprehensive hub for managing your club's wallet and tokens, facilitating seamless token transfers, and enabling efficient reward distribution for bounties. You can additionally create your club loyalty tokens.


To access the Tokens Module in Quboid Studio, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Quboid Studio account.

  • Navigate to the 'Tokens' module from the side menu.

  • Explore your club's wallet, token balances, and associated admin accounts.

  • Import custom tokens or initiate token transfers as needed.

  • Monitor the Transaction History tab to track all token movements and activities.


  • Club Wallet-The Tokens Module houses your club's dedicated wallet address, facilitating all transactions. This wallet address receives funds from NFT sales and disburses funds for bounty campaigns. It securely manages your club's tokens and finances, serving as the central repository for digital assets.

  • Launch Your Brand Token-Leverage the Tokens Module to create and launch your own branded token. This powerful feature allows you to mint and distribute your unique token, fostering a stronger sense of community and enabling seamless transactions within your ecosystem.

    Note - Club admin can transfer these tokens to their wallet address, when clicking on the transfer functionality.

  • Token Swap-The Tokens Module facilitates token swapping, enabling you to exchange your tokens for other brand tokens within the Quboid Studio platform. This feature promotes cross-community collaboration and provides additional liquidity options for your token holdings.

  • Import Tokens-Import Token allows admins to import other brand tokens as part of cross-brand campaigns. In addition to the pre-existing tokens, the Tokens Module offers the flexibility to import custom tokens.

  • Token Transfers-Streamline the distribution of rewards and payments by leveraging the token transfer functionality within the Tokens Module. You can transfer tokens from your club's wallet to any of the admin accounts associated with your club, ensuring seamless reward allocation for bounty completions or other incentive programs.

  • Transaction History-Stay informed about all token movements and activities with the dedicated Transactions tab. This tab displays a comprehensive history of all transactions, including token transfers, rewards distributed, and any other related activities, providing transparency and accountability.


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