The Leaderboard Module in Quboid Studio is a powerful tool that ranks community members based on their performance in completing bounties. By leveraging this module, you can foster a competitive and engaging environment, encouraging members to actively participate and contribute to your community.


  • Bounty Completion Ranking-The Leaderboard Module tracks the points earned by community members through successful bounty completions. Members are ranked based on their cumulative points, allowing you to easily identify and recognize your top contributors.

  • Twitter and EVM Account Integration-To ensure accurate tracking and attribution, the Leaderboard Module integrates with both Twitter accounts and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) accounts associated with your community members. This integration allows for seamless verification of bounty completions and point allocation.

  • Downloadable Member Data-Gain valuable insights into your community by downloading member data from the Leaderboard Module. You can export a CSV file containing essential information such as Twitter handles, EVM addresses, and associated points, enabling further analysis and segmentation.

  • Timeframe Filtering-Customize your leaderboard view by applying timeframe filters. Choose specific date ranges to analyze member performance and rankings over different periods, such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly leaderboards.

  • Reward and Incentivize Top Contributors-Leverage the Leaderboard Module to identify and reward your top-performing community members. Based on their rankings, you can offer exclusive incentives, rewards, or special recognition to motivate continued engagement and foster a sense of friendly competition within your community.


To access the Leaderboard Module in Quboid Studio, follow these steps:

Log in to your Quboid Studio account.

  • Navigate to the 'Leaderboard' module from the side menu.

  • View the rankings of your community members based on their bounty completion points.

  • Apply timeframe filters to analyze performance over specific periods.

  • Download member data in CSV format for further analysis and segmentation.

  • Explore opportunities to reward and incentivize your top contributors based on their leaderboard rankings.

By leveraging the Leaderboard Module in Quboid Studio, you can foster a vibrant and engaged community, encourage friendly competition, and recognize the valuable contributions of your most active members.

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