Quboid's Member module helps you upload the existing members through CSV file. This lets you seamlessly onboard your web2 audience into the club, along with web3 audience. With a few simple steps you can invite all your members to the club.


  • Consolidate and Manage Database: Centralize and manage member information, including contact details, preferences, and engagement levels for efficient communication and personalized experiences.

  • Auto-update Social Media: Automatically update members' social media details to maintain accurate records and facilitate seamless communication.

  • Add/Delete Members: Easily add new members or remove existing ones to keep your member list current and relevant.

  • Edit Member Details: Edit and update existing member information to ensure your database remains accurate and reliable.

  • Download Member List: Export the community member list in various formats with a single click for easy sharing or integration.

  • Bulk Upload Members: Bulk upload member data from various file formats to quickly populate your database with existing information.


To access the Members module in Quboid Studio, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Quboid Studio account.

  • Navigate to the 'Members' module from the side menu.

  • Explore the available features and functionalities to manage your community member database effectively.

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