Coupon Code Utility

The Coupon Code Utility allows you to add exclusive coupon codes as utilities for your NFT holders. This feature enables you to offer special discounts, promotional deals, or limited-time offers that can be redeemed at your store or service. By integrating this utility, you can provide tangible value to your NFT holders, enhancing their ownership experience with exclusive financial benefits.


  • Interactive Experience: Hidden text with secret clues or puzzles leading to additional rewards.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Foster deeper connections and anticipation by uncovering hidden messages.

  • Unique Experiences: NFTs become gateways to exclusive benefits and privileges.

  • Increased Value: Makes NFTs more desirable and valuable.


  • Go to Utilities tab and "Create" , to the Custom Utility

  • Add the CTA link and CTA name, expiry and ticket copy

  • Publish the utility or link it to a collection.

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