Create Token

Settling liabilities through blockchain just got easier. “Create Token” empowers brands to launch their very own token in a matter of minutes, all you need to have is

  1. Assets

  2. Quboid Token - You can get your QBE token from here.

Why Quboid Token? - You can create hundreds and thousands of tokens, utilizing only a few tokens. QBE tokens also sponsor the transaction fee for your user, to give them hassle free experience. There is much more that you can do QBE token

Creating Tokens

Step 1

The first part of the process initiates admin to design their tokens in terms of name, symbol and image. This represents how your tokens will be viewed to the end users on the club application.

Step 2

The second step in the creation of token is determining the relationship between token supply and price. This relationship is determined by bonding curve, a smart contract which releases your brand token when QBE token are being staked. Admin can choose from linear, flat or exponential curve that determine how token prices are increased when new tokens are minted. Admin also need to determine what the conversion ratio {how many tokens to be released when staking 1 QBE token} best suits there requirement. Since the curve is continuous function the ration is not constant and changes based on your position on the curve.

Step 3

You are required to put the value of QBE token you are willing to stake in the bonding curve contract. Based on the values selected in step 2, new tokens will be minted out and your contract will be deployed. You can view all the transactions related to your tokens on the explorer.

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